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The CBD organizes a Digital Marketing Workshop Training for KNUST students

Digital Marketing Workshop Training

The CBD in collaboration with Whizzy Academy organizes a four-week workshop training on digital marketing, to train KNUST students  

An impactful workshop for the KNUST community. The future of work is Digital!

The workshop was held on the premises of the KI[1]hub for four weeks successively. The workshop was conducted with Whizzy Academy a veteran in the digital marketing scene. The informative and progressive course garnered the attention and time of over one thousand (1,000) students (undergraduate & postgraduate). Having at least 250 students attending every weekend, who spent approximately 12 hours each weekend. The workshop brought different perspectives to the idea of entrepreneurship and technopreneurship. The CBD (KNUST) owes allegiance to the development and training of KNUST students with a knack for business and sustainable development.


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